I made 27 cups in one month. This is what I would usually do in a day back in Slovenia. A good potter makes 30 per hour. I still haven’t figured out how will I do this. I have no motivation and no kiln where I could fire my clay. I believe the last two are connected. So I am sending a message to universe: I want a new kiln. It doesn’t really have to be new, I just want one. Until then I can only miss my old studio with lots of space and a great kiln: Nabertherm, I miss you*** 

In spite my sadness I sometimes have good pottery days. Few days ago I almost tripped on some old chawans while having a walk to the center. They were in front of the Japanese antique store and on sale. The price was ridiculous: 5eur/piece. They were quite dirty because they were not new. I checked them but they didn’t look damaged. I bought all 5 of them, took them home and thoroughly cleaned them, twice in a dishwasher. They now look as new. They all have similar glazing, though the color is slightly different with each. The glaze is probably shino, reduction fired, with some iron oxide slip painting on each. Color ranges from greyish to pink white, the differences probably due to different use of clay. There are three different signatures, so three different artists. I don’t know much else about them, I only know they come from Japan and that they are old, so they must have a story to tell. I will never know their story, but I sure will make some new, here with me.