Kyoto itself has so much ceramics that I just haven’t had enough time to see all that I wanted to see. I did go to Robert Yellin Yakimono Gallery but it was closed. The Kyoto Ceramics Center was also closed and I didn’t even get the chance to find some galleries with raku (which comes from Kyoto). I did have an overkill of ceramics though. By just walking trough the streets of Kyoto I could see thousands of pieces of pottery. In Higashiyama ward, the old Kyoto district, there were so many shops… After the third shop I almost couldn’t look at it anymore. And pieces from 100 to a few million yen. I could watch, but I was not allowed to take photos of the expensive ones, but here are some photos of Higashiyama pottery:

The second part is from Ippodo Tea Co. where I had a nice matcha tea. I really enjoyed Kyoto matcha, which was everywhere; tea, frappuchinos, cakes, even soba and all kind of desserts. Everything was delicious!

I have only one new cup from Higashiyama, and they wrapped it so nicely, that I will show it to you when I get back. It’s my first cup in a traditional wooden box. Emerald color of course!