I got this clay in Moravče, about 30km from Ljubljana. Local, but not local enough. There is a mining company in Moravče called Termit whose main activity is excavation of quartz stone and mine is also nearby.  Their product is quartz sand. In order for Termit to come to the sandy deposits of quartz, it also has to dig through a layer of clay.  Clay! So I went there to get some samples. I got a bucket of it and if I decide to buy it I will have to buy it in tons, since they sell it for construction in 1 ton bags.

I tried to throw it just the way it is, but I already noticed while kneading it’s not going to work like that, because of quite big pebbles in the clay. So first: dry it in the Sun. Then put it to a bucket of hot water, liquifie it, put it trough a fine sieve. Then dry it again to the proper consistency. Some hours of work, but the drive to see the results was there.

I spotted nice little pebbles. I can’t help myself but to question this clay’s origin.  Round shape of the pebbels suggests the pebbels were grinded, with water perhaps? Was the clay once a part of the riverbank? Are there any fossils in it? All that goes trough my mind when I’m massaging the clay.

I predict a very nice colour when fired. I hope it stands as stoneware, though it is a red clay, but maybe the quartz will hold it. If not, I will add high fire clay.