Talking about ceramics with ceramic artists or people involved in ceramic world has always been exciting for me. Whether talking about materials, techniques or more profound aspects of art, talking about it inspired me, gave me confirmation and motivation, which I sometimes desperately need.

Because of talking to ceramists as a part of my general interest in the field, being more and more involved and a good advice from a friend, made me want to do short video interviews about ceramics. In 2014 I started doing interviews with Slovenian artists, which I am planning to continue doing. Because of these interviews I’ve made many new friends and even joint projects. I started with interviews in Slovenian language but the aim has always been to go international.

The aim of this project is very simple: to educate people about ceramics. The focus is for people to understand and to appreciate the process of creation of ceramic art. And only when the story about an artist and his work is revealed, one can truly enjoy the presence of a ceramic piece. I have learned, as a maker, a seller and collector of ceramic, that the story matters. When the story is known, you can connect to the piece on so many levels: you start thinking about the maker, materials or the process. And if you are lucky you even connect on a deeper level. There are so many ceramic makers in this world – some traditional potters, some very modern designers, some artists who only make single unique pieces, who work with this primal source of matter: clay.