Hello! Remember me being a surveyor? I hardly do. I have a Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering, but I only say that out loud when I am having deep discussions with guys about technical stuff like measurements. I mean, I know precision measuring and so!

Nataša was also going to same University as I did, just that she was one year younger. We didn’t talk much at that time. I remember her from later, coming to one of the markets and buying a sugar container, just before I went to live in Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam I saw her blog about bread making. It was inspiring to see that someone I know is doing artisan bread. I told all my friends about it because it was so interesting. Here it is: My daily sourdough bread.

For a while I have been hoping we could somehow collaborate together since we are both surveyors and both like to knead; me clay and she dough. The time has come.

I am so excited to present to you our first project made with joined kneading forces: the bread box!

Making of images:

It’s been used in this video where you can learn how to make your own gluten-free sourdough bread:

I want to make it for myself as well! I just need to go to Mokca and buy freshly milled biological millet flour.

Are you going to make it too? If you do, please send me some photos!