We loaded our greenware in anagama, one of the kilns in Zhunan Snake kiln, Miaoli, Taiwan. We put in some big drift wood and sealed the kiln. We prayed, offered some food to kiln god and started the fire on Friday. We fired until Sunday noon, together for 50 hours.

I learned a lot. Good results come from good kiln, good wood, good clay and good firing technique.

Top temperature was 1412°C. After reaching that temperature, we fired in intervals of about one hour, and keeping the temperature between 1250°C and 1360°C, keeping the intervals for 14 hours.

Firing was relaxed and easy, especially keeping high temperatures. The only thing I need to conquer now is to find a feeling of joy in tired and sleepless body.

Firing was special and I will keep it in my heart forever. Thank you Yu-Ting, Mr. Lin, Mrs. Sophia, Mr. Wu, and Serina!