If you open your eyes, you see clay everywhere.

You can find clay all around Slovenia. It is very common material in lowlands where water gathers all the finest particles of the weathered rocks. Ljubljana is a structural basin in central Slovenia. It is a known location for past brick and pottery production. And just recently I came across knowledge that in the part of Ljubljana, very close to where I also live, were two brick factories: Vidiceva opekarna and Knezova opekarna dating back to 1908 an 1909. Both don’t exist anymore.

In the area city has build Technology Park Ljubljana and residential area Novo Brdo. And now they are also rebuilding roads in the area. For me that represents opportunity because building new things means digging the grounds deep with heavy machinery. So I kept an eye open yesterday, while I was driving by.

And yes – I saw a lot of nice clay chunks freshly dug and washed by the rain. I collected more then 50kg. I was all dirty, the car still is.

Clay is light yellow, partially grey and cream colour. In the mud I also found an original brick, must be from the former factory. It was deformed, over-fired and discarded, but for me an art piece. I need to wash it and put in on display.