This week I just finished a special order for a special musician. He asked for 2 different shapes in 12 different colours, all together 108 pieces. He asked if I can make it in one month.

I can. I was considering not taking this order, because I knew, that the problem with the order are going to be glazes, which he specifically asked for in colours, which many I have never used before. I took this order to push myself, to test myself and  – to learn. So I prepared very well. I threw twice the amount of pots of every shape. I did 2 or 3 glaze tests for each colour: first on the tile, then on a piece, and if it didn’t fire well, again, and again if the glaze was very difficult. I have half the amount of order of damaged pots left behind – just because of glazes. But at the end I finished. But I was pushed in time window, too small for me to enjoy, I wave worked 24/7 and results are not my best work. This kind of project need 12 months, not 1, to be the best.

Here are results: