Few tests came out of my kiln this week. Some are good, some I need to work on further, some are pure amazing.

From top left to right:

Trška gora clay does not melt at 1230°C. That is great news. Trška gora is where our family vineyard is.

Idrija clay. I said it would be a low temperature clay. Wrong! Very high temperature clay with beautiful structure, colour and depth. Idrija clay is in the 3rd photo too – as a thrown bowl. It throws rather difficult but the effort will be paid off due to beautiful results it gives. One of the rare wild clays that are not deep bordeaux colour, which is refreshing.

Next is second row: Rožnik marl. I didn’t show you before 900°C – it was beautiful greyish and silver colour with brown lines. But falling apart. It fired to nice orange, stable rock-brick. It is a marl made of clay ob course. From the same hill I got beautiful golden and silver clay as well, which is now soaking in the buckets.

Then we have some glaze tests which I approve.

THEN! We have Straža clay! The most diverse shovel of dirt that I have ever encountered. I wrot about it before, and here are the results. Beauty of epic proportions, beauty worth working for… Ok now I am quoting Mark Lancet. But it is pure beauty.