Logatec ceramics

After exploring Logatec geology and it’s clay there came time for making.

There were 4 good clays at the end that I could work with: grey one from quarry, fox brown from top of a hill, purple and grey-purple from forest path. Only grey clay withstood hight temperatures, so there had to be made to different firings; one at 1230°C and other at much lower. I guessed and decided for 1100°C based on result and appearance fired at 1230°C. Further test should be made to find the sintering point of each clay, but there was no time for it, pots needed to be made.

I made around 50 small bowls for tea, different shapes and sizes, in all 4 different clays and glazes made of these clays. Around 20 survived final fire intact from defaults. Here are some photos of some good ones and some bad ones.

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