Experience and point in your life you currently see yourself at

Happy happy 2018! And not just happy, but very healthy, kind and creative, brave and beautiful too. Just find the things you love doing and make it a priority to to it more often and with people you love.

Today I had a very strange dreams, which then, in the morning, I decided to share with you.
I dreamt I was in school and I had to do an art project about experience and about the point in your life you currently see yourself at. It can be in any kind or type of media. I dreamt my friends making the same project: some were making illustrations, some were singing and performing on stage, some were making paintings. I was waiting for the last moment to make mine, because I could not think of anything. And then at the very last moment I thought of something and to me my idea was brilliant – at least in my dreams. So I dreamt I thought of making an illustration and a short story with it, about my experience in my field of work: working with ceramics.
This is the illustration I dreamt of making, title of the project: Experience and point in your life you currently see yourself at

Elaboration of this illustration is the following (I am still talking about what I dreamt):
Illustration is about my life’s work. Green dot represents the starting point and red dot represents the finishing point – of the destination I want o reach. Green line in the expected way of development, and the blue is how I experience life and work and success in real life. The blue dot represents the point in time and progress I see myself at this moment. As you can see, to feel successful is far away for me, but not too far. What is successful? State of self that I see myself in working with confidence, comfort and pride. I am proud of what I do, but lacking in confidence and comfort. If you look at the blue line closely, you can also see, that it is not straight, but rather goes up and down, like a kind of sinusoid line; going up, going down, balancing itself in an average of the intended – predicted line.

That is what I dreamt today. About how I see myself on this path I have taken. I think it is s good start of this year, to evaluate how far I have gone, where I am and where do I want to be.

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