Last week I asked people for help with clay processing.

Amazingly 20 people volunteered – 2 ladies even came after we finished with everything, asking if there is some thing to help with left. Together with 2 babies, one dog and my cat, we have been processing clays for three days and at the end we managed to clean 23 clays.

I want to say thank you to all who came and worked with us! 

You have showed great interest and love towards wild clays of Slovenia, and in many ways you surprised me with your knowledge, eagerness to get to know different clays and awareness about local materials and their uniqueness. Some already had experience with clays, or even knew their geology and geography, so that in many ways I learned from you. You told me you have tried using them as slip decoration, terra sigillata, or even as crayon and aquarelle pigments. And I tried to explain and share with you how I see clays and how I handle them.

Now clays are slowly settling in water in 20L buckets and waiting to be dried to a workable consistency. Keep in touch, I will soon be posting results!