I have been seriously impressed how people started to respond to implementing local clays into my ceramics. They were asking: “O, is this Logatec clay? Is this clay from Rožnik? Is this the clay you found in Straža?” At the time I only had few, because up till now was mostly processing, testing and combining it with other clays and glazes. I have just started, you know, and the field of research and exploration is endless. I started here, and will continue to go much further. Here I have used bits ob particles of local clays from Rožnik and Straža, and embedded it into white and porcelain stoneware body. The percentage of wild material is low, but still gives a tremendous impact on the final outcome. There are irons which are presented clearly as dark spots that break into the glaze surface. There are smaller feldspars, which give transparent speckles, and some rock that just burn in the high fire of 1250°C. Mostly I was surprised how iron broke through the white glaze, or just presented itself gently in snow white porcelain. Whites and iron speckles are now my favourite. Quiet, simple, but still interesting enough with happening that you turn them in hour hands over and over again. Beautiful clays. Some famous chef said: “The food is as only as good as its ingredients.” I will say the same for ceramics: The pot is as only as good the as the clay made from it.

All these are now available via shipping (Slovenia up to 5eur, Europe up to 15eur), or in my studio.

Small size – up to 1,5dcl: 15eur

Medium size – up to 2dcl: 19eur

Large size – up to 3 dcl: 24eur

Extra large size – up to 4 dcl: 29eur