Engineering a Porcelain Body

There are dozens different porcelain body producers in the world. Origins of porcelain date back two thousand years to China, where original recipe was made from only two ingredients: kaolin and feldspar. Chinese people kept their recipe for long time, until, after many failures, Europeans discovered their recipe too. It was of course different, partially due to materials used were sourced from different locations.

Today many potters also make their own porcelain bodies, mainly because they can adjust its properties to their own specific needs. Either they want it stable for the wheel, stronger to hold bigger shapes, or to respond to atmospheric conditions in a wood fired kiln, they prepare their porcelain from commercial materials available in ceramic supply shops.

Everybody’s porcelain is therefore special.

Diversity comes from Earth. You need natural minerals ground to powder, mixed with water, age it and fired to high temperatures to produce porcelain ware. And because of its natural occurrence nature made sure that every location on this planet gives unique properties of each minerals.

We aim for sources that are close to us. This is a contribution to raise awareness of economies that are harmful to environment and to people. We will try to open our minds to possibilities of alternative approaches of sourcing materials and celebrate the abundance our planet offers.

September 10th – 24th, 2019

September 10th, 6PM

Studio Anja Slapničar,
Tržaška cesta 36, Floor
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia ———>


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