You can buy current pieces in our web shop gallery. Send me an email about inquiry. Please note that I create one off pieces, because I always collect limited amount of materials from a selected location. I work with collected and consequently natural elements and because of that series are always changing. What I created some time ago means I exhausted the amount of materials I collected at some point at one specific location.

I love making projects with people who want to connect with their land through its material. I work with architects, land owners, herbalists, artists and everyone else who sees the value of a location, its materials and their connection to it. If you have some land or material you wish to explore through ceramics, please write to me! If you wish to do a project with me, please contact me. I produce custom ceramics that are connected to a location and tell its story.

Are you travelling to Ljubljana? You are welcome to visit me. I do not have a store, but a gallery, in which I want to share the beauty of materials with you. Please send me an e-mail or a message or call me prior to your visit, as I spend a lot of my time outside, collecting materials and connecting with land.