Making of

The process of making a pot is made from 4 basic steps: the preparation of clay, the modeling, from rolled slabs or on the pottery wheel, glazing and firing. Each part is equally important.


I use different types of clay. Wether I buy it or collect it myself, I first have to knead it, add water or dry it. I sometimes add different kinds of sand, to add more diversity to it. I also mix different clays together to get different shades of color. I like cream bodies, red and black and sometimes porcelain. Every clay has its own character so I have to learn the each clay’s behaviour.


I stopped using commercially mixed glazes and now mix my own glazes from traditional glaze recipes. Along the way I am also dedicated to create my own mixtures.


I fire most of my work twice; first the unglazed – bisque and then the glazed. I use my electric 100 liter kiln and usually fire from 1200°C to up to 1260°C. Occasionally I fire in anagama, the old Japanese type wood-fired kiln.