of Porcelain

5 day workshop with Antoinette Badenhorst
June 28th - July 3rd in Kamnik, Slovenia
U shape bowl

of Porcelain

Porcelain is a material similar to clay, but also extremely different. Knowing the material means knowing how to work with it to the limits. That is why it is important to know its characteristics – its secrets.

And even the most experienced ceramist, who never worked with it, fails trying to make something of a quality. He has to then forget almost everything what he knows about clay, stop and start from the beginning.

But at the end it is all worth it; porcelain will give you pure beauty, its transparency and whiteness, that no other material can give.

Intense 5 day hands-on workshop with Antoinette Badenhorst is about knowing and understanding the porcelain.

Workshop content

Synopsis: introduction to history and character of porcelain

Working with pinching technique

Working on wheel: throwing and trimming

Working with press molds

Breaking loose and challenging porcelain

Target Audience

Beginners, intermediate and advanced ceramists.


English with translation to Slovenian.

Main Objective

The main objective of the workshop is providing knowledge of the material to ensure quality craftsmanship and implementation of individual’s artistic expression.

The focus is pushing the limits of porcelain and achieving its translucency. Emphasis is also given to various tools and techniques, knowing the drying process, finishing touches and addressing glazing and firing of works.

It will also be discussed and explored about the history and characteristic, pitfalls and problems of designing and firing porcelain. It will be demonstrated and presented how Antoinette Badenhorst uses different techniques that works for her, including throwing and trimming. Studio will be equipped for practicing with porcelain. We will break away from traditional ways and challenge the porcelain.

Ceramists will be encouraged to think and act fearless in their exploration of porcelain.

U shape bowl



50% at registration and the rest by June 21st.
No refunds possible.

Place & Date

Kamnik, Slovenia

June 28th - July 3rd
(Tuesday - Sunday)

9AM - 5PM


Tuesday, June 28th: Arrival & Welcome Dinner

Wednesday, June 29th: Workshop, 9AM - 5PM

Thursday, June 30th: Workshop, 9AM - 5PM

Friday, July 1st: Workshop, 9AM - 5PM

Saturday, July 2nd: Workshop, 9AM - 5PM

Sunday, July 3rd: Workshop, 9AM - 5PM

Monday, July 4th: Departure


  • Tools and materials
  • Welcome and farewell dinner
  • 5x lunch at local restaurant
  • Drinks and snacks

NOT Included

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast and dinner
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Short video about her work

See the video at 0:22 where her skills are undoubtedly most impressive

About Antoinette Badenhorst

Antoinette Badenhorst was born in Johannesburg South Africa and raised in dessert of Namibia. She lives and works in Mississippi USA now. Her ceramic career started in 1981.

Her work was exhibited in various shows all over the world, winning international awards. Her art is presented in many gallery and museum collections. Her work is greatly influenced by the contrasts of African landscape and Mississippian countryside.

She has been teaching different clay techniques since 1990. In 2005 she started working with translucent porcelain, teaching and writing about the material.

Several of her articles were published in national and international ceramics magazines. She also writes about and reviews ceramic artists and ceramic shows.

Porcelain is her strong suit.

More about Antoinette and her work: www.porcelainbyantoinette.com