Logatec ceramics

After exploring Logatec geology and it’s clay there came time for making. There were 4 good clays at the end that I could work with: grey one from quarry, fox brown from top of a hill, purple and grey-purple from forest path. Only grey clay withstood hight temperatures, so there had to be made to […]

Odprti studio // Open studio

I welcome you to my studio with open doors on December 16. Let’s talk how our year was and drink and eat to the new one! Last of this year’s ceramics will be available for purchase. Please invite your friends too.  // Vabim vas v studio, ki bo imel odprta vrata v soboto, 16. decembra. […]

Projekt Tvoja skodelica v Kubu Daktari

5 slovenskih avtorjev se s svojo keramiko v mesecu decembru predstavlja v Klubu Daktari v Ljubljani! Čaj si lahko naročite v eni izmed petih unikatnih skodelic, ki jo lahko, potem ko spijete, odnesete s seboj domov. Sodelujoči avtorji so Ana Haberman – Tri Lukne, Ines Kovačič, Živa Slavec, Andrej Brezec – AB design, in jaz […]

Karst geology

Karst or Kras in Slovenian, is a small region in Southwest Slovenia. It is a limestone plateau, starting north of Trieste and all the way to Vipava valley. It was my first time exploring it and I must say I really enjoyed. Geology of Kras is very straight forward: it is all about limestone. 75% […]

100% made from Logatec

I am very excited to say that I got my first order for local clays! It is for my back therapist from Logatec, and she would like to have cups made from Logatec clay. She will gift them as Christmas gifts <3 I took this order with such enthusiasm, that I got clay from 3 […]