TEA TIME – handbuilt tea pot workshop

I kindly invite you to two-day workshop for making tea pots, which will be held in Zagreb on October 14 and 15! The workshop will be hosted by dear colleague Lidia Boševski. Info and registration: studio@anjaslapnicar.com // Lepo vabljeni na dvodnevno delavnico izdelavo čajnikov, ki bo 14. in 15. oktobra v Zagrebu! Delavnico bo gostila […]

Idrija clay

Idrija is famous for Idrija lace and mercury mine. Clay is not from the valley, but a hill west of Idrija. Author Anita of blog Rockstarsi is building a house there. She writes about everyday life and one day she posted photos of a hill, where they dug out a hole for their house. I asked: […]

Clay that was blue

Usually clay in Slovenia is in layer of different colours. Mostly I can only get to higher layers, because sometimes grey-er clay are at few meters of depth. Sometimes clays are dark grey even at the surface, but usually its red, orange and yellow-ochre. Sometimes between red clay you find small pockets of clean grey […]

Straža clay

Among all the clays I have collected from the nature, Straža clay impressed me the most. A bank of freshly dug dirt didn’t looked like much. Truth to be told, what attracted me most was the tiny iron pebbles and larger pebbles of beige and pink colour, which you could break with hand. I could […]

Cigonce Mehulj: ročno izdelana opeka

V tem tednu sem se zaljubila v opeke. Vendar ne kakršnekoli – začarale so me ročno izdelane opeke Cigonce Mehulj. Cigonce je izraz za poljske opekarne na območju Ljubečne, kjer je bilo v najboljših časih uporabe in izdelovanja opek tam kar okoli 50 tovrstnih opekarn. Danes so Cigonce Mehulj edina in zadnja delujoča opekarna v tem […]