New collection

Aequorna Solstice Summer Series

The new summer series features Ljubljana basin glazes on white stoneware bodies.
Sacred earth
The pit is old. It was said it was a lime pit, from back then when almost each house had a small hole back in the garden where they fired limestone to produce lime. Lime was a primary white paint, which was also antibacterial, so lime painted in underground cellars was also fighting against mould. Perhaps in some recent history it … CONTINUE READING ———>
Glaze workshop with Grit Uhlemann
Melting processes of different geological materials happen naturally and continuously all around the world. When we are creating glazes, we are imitating what nature is doing already for some billions of years. Making your own glazes means creating your own surfaces. These can vary immensely. It will not only be matte or shiny. There can … CONTINUE READING ———>
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