Cigonce Mehulj: ročno izdelana opeka

V tem tednu sem se zaljubila v opeke. Vendar ne kakršnekoli – začarale so me ročno izdelane opeke Cigonce Mehulj. Cigonce je izraz za poljske opekarne na območju Ljubečne, kjer je bilo v najboljših časih uporabe in izdelovanja opek tam kar okoli 50 tovrstnih opekarn. Danes so Cigonce Mehulj edina in zadnja delujoča opekarna v tem […]

Brdo clay

If you open your eyes, you see clay everywhere. You can find clay all around Slovenia. It is very common material in lowlands where water gathers all the finest particles of the weathered rocks. Ljubljana is a structural basin in central Slovenia. It is a known location for past brick and pottery production. And just […]

Slovenian materials

All the clays I have gathered in the past 2 months now need to be processed. That means thoroughly dried, soaked in water so the particles break down to smallest size, mixed well with water then sieved trough fine mesh. It is a time and energy consuming process, one which you constantly ask yourself if […]

Tera RD d.o.o. Komenda

Funny thing happened this week. I was super busy preparing for the craft market in Ribnica and Pinching marathon workshop which will both happen this weekend. On Wednesday I got a call from wife of the owner of Tera RD d.o.o., now a closed Slovenian company. She offered us kiln bricks and some other ceramic […]

Ilirska Bistrica wild clay

My friend has a wood house deep in the forest of South Slovenia. Bears live there. He is wild at heart, just like many of my classmates from Faculty of civil and geodetic engineering, who were invited to visit him in his new house, which he painted in Swedish red! We are surveyors by education, […]