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Music and ceramics

This week I just finished a special order for a special musician. He asked for 2 different shapes in 12 different colours, all together 108 pieces. He asked if I can make it in one month. I can. I was considering not taking this order, because I knew, that the problem with the order are […]

Mica and shale

Knowing rocks means knowing clay. I have been on a walk recently at Rožnik hill. Rožnik is a hill with forest stretching on west part of Ljubljana. Many people from the city go there to walk, exercise or just be a little more in the nature. It is a very interesting hill. I have started […]

How to find clay in nature: part I

Many people ask me, how I can find clay in nature and how do I know it’s clay. What is clay? You can google it, you can find a geological description on Wikipedia, but I will give you a different explanation. Clay are rocks, crushed and weathered to smallest particles – smaller than 2 μm. […]


Few tests came out of my kiln this week. Some are good, some I need to work on further, some are pure amazing. From top left to right: Trška gora clay does not melt at 1230°C. That is great news. Trška gora is where our family vineyard is. Idrija clay. I said it would be […]