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Črna valley and her kaolin

Kaolin is a material porcelain is made of. I went back into the valley, just few days after I first visited it. I wanted to go on Monday, but there was snow. White sign from the sky telling me to wait to see the white earth. Waiting triggered a switch in me, looking for kaolin […]



Kaolin is a material porcelain is made of. Back few years ago, when I did interview with Vesna Vidrih, we discussed about materials. She is a well known Slovenian ceramic artist, who works with porcelain. In the conversation before the interview, Vesna told me, that Slovenia was once a small producer of porcelain tableware. That […]

Processing wild clay

I would like to write a follow up on the wild clays. Clays have overwhelmed me so strongly this year, that I cannot explain, except for that, that I devoted most of my time collecting it and processing it. They have not just connected me with our land, nature and geology, but with certain people […]

Music and ceramics

This week I just finished a special order for a special musician. He asked for 2 different shapes in 12 different colours, all together 108 pieces. He asked if I can make it in one month. I can. I was considering not taking this order, because I knew, that the problem with the order are […]