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Terra rossa genesis

Karst or Kras is a region in southwest of Slovenia. It has special characteristics and geology. I already wrote about it here. Mostly it is limestone, dolomite, calcite and red earth, known as terra rossa. I found all 4 and some clay as well. But what is terra rossa exactly? It contains a high amount […]

New batch of pots

I have been seriously impressed how people started to respond to implementing local clays into my ceramics. They were asking: “O, is this Logatec clay? Is this clay from Rožnik? Is this the clay you found in Straža?” At the time I only had few, because up till now was mostly processing, testing and combining […]

Logatec ceramics

After exploring Logatec geology and it’s clay there came time for making. There were 4 good clays at the end that I could work with: grey one from quarry, fox brown from top of a hill, purple and grey-purple from forest path. Only grey clay withstood hight temperatures, so there had to be made to […]