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Divja glina II – delavnica nabiranja, procesiranja in oblikovanja iz divjih naravnih materialov

Vračamo se v Gornji Grad z delavnico Divja glina, kjer je osrednji del delavnice namenjen nabiranju in izdelovanja keramike iz lokalne geologije. Studio sodeluje z Majo in Amando iz Zeliščarne Gornji Grad. Urnik: 1. sobota – 28. september med 9. in 16. uro – LOKACIJA: GORNJI GRAD Iskanje materialov na terenu v okolici Gornjega Grada, […]

Pohorje – Lobnica valley geology

Reconnaissance led us to Maribor and its Pohorje mountain range. I am not so familiar with Maribor geology, apart from exploring Piramida area, where mostly marls, shales or flysch are predominant, so we headed to more wild setting. We chose Valley of Lobnica river for three reasons. First – we wanted to be close to […]

Studio has been renovated

It’s been more than a year since renovation of apartment and studio in Ljubljana started and now both are finished with the small exception of two bathrooms. Bathrooms will wait until there is enough saved to cover local limestone tiles and custom made furniture from wood, fitted to be functional for ceramic studio as well. […]